Melanie Mollman Hancock

I've always been creative and artistic but had never found a medium that allowed me to translate the vision in my head to a tangible piece of work. I watched my mother, Kitty Mollman, create fused glass for 15 years and turned her basement into a studio in 2013. Over the years I had also accompanied her on trips to galleries to deliver her work, and to art fairs and shows where I assisted in setting up and selling her work.

In 2015 I went with her on a buying trip to a glass wholesaler outside of Chicago where the world of possibilities in fused glass opened up before me. I had only seen my mother's aesthetic, color choices, and preferences in mold shapes. Suddenly all of the OTHER shapes, colors, and patterns were before me and the ideas flowed like a flooding river as I walked the aisles of the warehouse. Kitty laughed and said "I knew this was a mistake!" as we loaded twice the amount of glass and supplies she usually purchased in the car. 

Kitty was surprised by how quickly I mastered the basic techniques and how much technical knowledge I had absorbed from observing her over the years (Yes, I was paying attention!) I am fascinated with the experimenting and problem solving aspects of fusing glass and enjoy trying new techniques and methods. We really enjoy spending time together in the studio and value having each other for support and advice. 

In September of 2016 I shared a booth at the Edwardsville Art Fair and for the first time, instead of explaining that my mother was the artist, I was able to say that pieces were mine! Since then we have shown together at several fairs where the variety of our pieces has been appreciated by patrons.

Edwardsville 2016